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What about Beau Travail?

Brian Libby

Good question. It seemed unclear to me whether Beau Travail was a 1990s film or a 2000s film. If it's from this decade, it would be #2 on my list at least, and possibly #1.

Brian Libby

I added a disclaimer about Beau Travail to the post. IMDB lists it as having been made in 1999 and it came out in New York in 1999, but it came out in Portland in 2000.

Ping Tree

I love your choices!
DARK KNIGHT seems to be the latest..but it is cheese why some good movies did not make it to your list though. :)

Airport Fence

I think NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN it definitely an IT - I just love that movie a lot!

aaron atkins

great post! I love these movies! :D

[name removed - spam]

It seemed unclear to me whether Beau Travail was a 1990s film or a 2000s film.

[name removed - spam]

Yeah I agree with most of your selection except for the royal tenenbaums...I mean what's up with that?

web development

At least the Revenge of the Sith made it to the Honorable Mention list.

I love the Dark Knight. I get goosebumps every time I see the evil in Heath Ledger's face --- such a great portrayal of Joker.

Christ, almighty, you have awful taste. Aside from Before Sunset, almost everything you list is complete excrement, and they are such obvious choices besides.

Brian Libby

Thanks for the hostile spew, friend! It also comes without any articulation of your argument. So "Before Sunset" is a masterwork but all these others are without merit? What are you basing that on? And how much is Ethan Hawke paying you?

I also disagree with the notion that quality is based on familiarity or obscurity. And if these choices are so awful, what are the great films you wish to enlighten us with? Let me guess: "The Ballad of Jack and Rose" is the great overlooked cinema of our time. Or was it "Freddy Got Fingered"?

Don't get me wrong: It's fine if you disagree with these choices. But why be such a fucking asshole about it? If you're going to bother with registering to leave a comment, writing it and all that, why not contribute even the most miniscule idea or backup of your claim? Why not go ahead with the real conversation you seem to want to have instead of just beating your chest and belching?

Brian Libby

And by the way: happy Valentine's Day, asshole!

Dennis Coalwell

Right on, Brian!

Account Deleted

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