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Big Paul

If I have to see that damned NBA "Where Amazing Happens" promo with Kobe alley-ooping to Shaq during the 2000 WCF 4th quarter collapse in Game 7, one more time!

The Lakers are just the big tease. They'll report that Phil Jackson won't come back to coach, he comes back. They'll report that Kobe wants to be traded, he comes back. They'll lose a home game in the playoffs, they'll take two back on the road.

There are no words to describe my contempt for that team. I abhor the colors yellow and purple, the floor colors for Laker home games blind me on TV. Ugh, and Jack Nicholson needs to spend more time on the golf course. They even have Spike Lee now.

Needless to say, whatever it says on my gravstone, a part of me wants it to read: "Lakers Suck!"

Brian Libby

You rock, Big Paul.

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Haha! Those are cool pics! Nice!

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Gasol looks nice on that pic.. lol..

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