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I think it's informative and encouraging to compare Dwight Howard's rookie season stats extrapolated to 48 minutes to Oden's:

Howard (04-05)
17.6 points, 14.8 rebounds, 2.44 block

Oden (08-09)

19.1 points, 15.4 rebounds, 2.56 blocks

Looks pretty good good to me!


Nice stats, but have you seen Oden play? He plays like a high school kid compared to the great centers you listed. And the reason he doesn't play more is because he's too busy hacking the crap out of everyone. I hope he turns out great, but to even make the kind of comparisons you do is idiotic at this point in his career.

Brian Libby

I'm not saying Oden is better than these great centers like Shaq, Yao and Duncan right now. He's definitely NOT. I merely brought up the stats to say that Oden is being underestimated. He looks pretty clumsy out there sometimes right now, but so did Yao and Dwight Howard their first years. Greg Oden in 2009: still learning his game. Greg Oden in 2011 or 2012: all star.


great post, and after his performance in tonites spurs game, well enough said really...

I love Oden he is good people...

The thng Blazer fans need to remember is this kid has never not played in the title game when he was active on any level since the 7th grade...

he knows how to win, mark my words, we will see a beast in the playoffs...


I think this is an interesting post, and on which certainly should be shared. Per 48 minute stats can be a little misleading as the relative difference in minutes played creates a massive multiplier effect on per game stats. However, I don't disagree with you in regards to your analysis. I think a more telling stat is actually rebound rate, which calculates the percentage of missed shots a player rebounds.
From Hollinger's website, Oden is 8th in the league in rebound rate (Joel is actually number 1 in this category), ahead of all the players you mentioned except Howard. What I think is even more impressive is that Oden is #1 in the league in Offensive rebound rate, showing how effective he is on the offensive glass. In the long run offensive rebounds have a huge effect on team success, as they incresae your number of possessions, and are likely to increase the fouls on the other team when one tries to go back up for a quick shot. It is not a coincidence that the Blazers jump record wise came in conjunction with their rise to the top offensive rebounding team in the NBA.


Hey Dave,

What's idiotic is asserting an argument is idiotic. Very definition of irony, moron.


Hey bob,

I think you meant to call smckeown the moron; he's the troll who made the "idiotic" comment.


Oden changes the game when he's in there. You can literally see guys shy away when he's swinging arms or jumping in the air.

And he's incredibly agile and CAN move his feet exceptionally quickly. He's just putting the preceding parts of that process--recognition and positioning--together still.

He was GREAT against the Lakers, really stopping the bleeding in the middle when the Blazers needed it most.

Plus, he blows up on NBA Live 09. :)


Oden is also averaging 8.7 fouls per 48.

Kevin Durant

Oden's 2009 playoff line: 6 games, 96 minutes, 30 points, 26 rebounds and 27 fouls.

Brian Libby

Nice try, "Kevin Durant." What were Durant's numbers in the playoffs? Oh yeah all zeroes because the Thunder lack solid big-man and center play.

And let's not judge a player by his first year in the NBA, which is also coming off microfracture surgery.

When the Blazers win their ring within the next few years, it's commenters like you I'm going to think about and smile.

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I believe that Oden will continue to improve as the years goes by,if he remains healthy.. but I don't think he's going to be as great as Tim Duncan.(best power forward ever)

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