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As long as I've lived, I've only heard people complain about presidential candidates. So it's certainly a shock that now the Democrats have an embarrassment of riches in terms of good candidates.

I have made no secret of my love for Barack Obama -- and I even mailed in my absentee ballot two weeks ago with his name on it -- but I think everyone can agree that the way Hillary (and Bill) has been treated is disgusting. The way Chris Matthews, Bob Novak and the like danced on her grave after Iowa was pretty repulsive.


I've had a similar reaction to this election, though I think Hillary doesn't do herself any favors by going on the attack so stridently. I ended up voting for Obama in our primary for the exact reasons you say - that unfortunately although I think Hillary has the experience and ability to run our country very well, I think she is definitely polarizing and represents (along with the best) the worst of the 90's and the whole red state/blue state rift. And the best speech I've heard in her campaign was the one Bill gave a few days ago about her experience. Because she's a terrible speech-giver. We need a candidate now who can unite the base, and excite the independents, and as much as I respect Hillary, wish Bill could run again, and almost feel guilty saying it, the candidate is Obama.


Helpful article for many of us simply torn between 2 excellent candidates. I've tipped over to the Obama camp myself.

Some time has past since your original post and time has proven the integrity of Obama's promise to run a campaign free of negative attacks -- despite the repeated pressure of commentators and fellow democrats challenging his 'toughness' and questioning his ability to "hit back". His steadfast resistance to do so, despite the ongoing pressure of powerful outside influences, was quietly winning me over.

To use the book title to the right of this post, the tipping point was his poignant handling of the played and replayed inflammatory rhetoric of his pastor, Rev. Wright. In Obama's response to the world, we all were given a glimpse of his soul, a vulnerable piece of our humanity seldom seen in national politics.

You know...maybe we can...

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