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Hey, how often are you wearing your ear buds over the course of an average day? From this post, I get the impression it's pretty frequent. I don't know how much data is out there regarding hearing damage from iPods use, but I'd err on the side of caution and NOT wear them when your just hanging out at the house. Hook your iPod up to some speakers -- your ears will thank you.


Today's Oregonian had an article on Oliver Sacks, who commented something along the lines of: The iPod is a piece of technology that is quickly bringing civilization to an end. You can never talk to anyone anymore.


Didn't people say that about the Walkman? I may be too cynical, but personally, I'm happy not to talk to strangers in public. If there were friends/family around, I'd take the earphones out, of course.


I forgot to mention my Oliver Sacks run-in from a few years ago. While living in New York in the winter of 1997, Valarie and I were eating at an English restaurant called Tea and Sympathy when Sacks came in with a friend. The unusual part was he was wearing the exact same old yellow Pittsburgh Steelers stocking cap that I was (from the early 80s), so we sort of laughed about that. But I also happened to be reading his book at the time, "An Anthropologist On Mars", although he seemed more tickled by the similar Steeler hats.

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