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I wasn't sure I wanted to see this movie but you've convinced me, and I do love Sophia so much. By the way, I almost spit out my coffee reading the KMJK reference! My god, I haven't thought about that station in years, only a native would rememeber that. SO funny!


I recently saw this as well, and I gotta say I had the opposite reaction. I liked the risks she took in mixing a modern sensibility with an historical subject (and it caused me to spend an hour afterwards reading up on Marie on Wikipedia), but the longer the film ran, the less I enjoyed it. I was literally fast forwarding during the last half hour or so just to get through the endless montages. I'm actually starting to think that Sofia has nothing to say other than, "It's so hard to be rich and beautiful." That may be true, but it's not something I really care about. It's kind of like all those movies lately about couples in LA or NY struggling to make things work. The stakes are so low, the conflict so pedestrian, the people so self-involved. Call me plebian, but I'll take a hundred variations on "The Core" over half a "Marie Antoinette" any day.

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