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Not to pull a Joey, but wasn't that double/triple overtime against Arizona State?


Double OT. I appreciate your keen eye.

Amanda Fritz

If the book "will have zero interest to people who aren't already Oregon Duck fans", I urge you to ask your publisher to reconsider and let you name it "Kenny Wheaton's Gonna Score!". I would definitely buy the latter, maybe not so much the one about the sidelines. I tear up every time I watch The Pick in the pre-game highlights tape, even after attending every home game for six years. And I wasn't even paying attention when it happened in real time. You could subtitle your book with "Tales from the Oregon Ducks' Sideline", but for the true Duck fans who are your target audience, the Kenny Wheaton title will be the one that grabs us.


I agree with Amanda, if it's not too late for the title change. "Kenny Wheaton's Gonna Score" is a must buy, for the title alone.


A friend of mine found your site and we really liked "skylines collage". Was wondering if you can email me, I'd like to use it for a possible album cover. Thanks,

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