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Hey, did Steve get paddled by Mr. Lockwood for the bathroom door incident? I seem to remember that happening, but my memory is a little hazy.


Wow, how cool. How did Joe find you? Does he read your blog?


Actually, he did find me via this blog. I think it was in a post where I compared my i-Tunes top 25 to being Casey Casem on American Top 40. But I'm amazed, Ned, that you remembered the name of the principal, Mr. Lockwood. I mainly remember the guy who followed him, Mr. (Laurel) Adams. Who, incidentally, I saw acting in a Gallery Players production of Hitchcock's "Dial M For Murder".


So, Steve Vossler or Steven Vossler - if you ever google your name and stumble across this blog - did you get paddled by Mr. Lockwood? Inquiring minds...

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