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SFC Joe Czekalski


i cant belive how i fond you. its been a long time old friend. i was just googleing here in sunny Baghdad and there was my name and your attached to it! thanks for the props on your blog.




I used to run Kasey Kasem's AT 40 on KSKD. I was the guy who always used to start the show at the wrong speed on the turntable.

Haris Khan

Hi Brian,

We have 2 things in common. We love Kasey Kasem and I lived in Oregon as well for 5 years in Corvallis and graduated from Oregon State in 1994. Me my wife and kids just took a trip to Oregon last thanksgiving in 2006. Its always nice to go back there. I just love Oregon!. I live in SF bay area now fro about 12 years now. I am from Pakistan originally and I used to listen to Kasey's top 40 when I was back home in 1980's when the music was just great! Artists like Lionell Richie, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, Wham and many more used to rule. You must be wondering how the hell FM transmission can reach that far? But no my uncle who lived in US for almost 30 years used to record these top 40 programs for me every month and mail/send it to me.

Do you know if I can get/buy recording of those Kasey Kasem shows specially 1985 and 1986 shows.

Thanks for your time!

Go Beavers ;)

Haris Khan

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