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Dennis Cozzalio

Brian: Thanks for taking the quiz! I invite you to paste your answers into the comments column for the quiz on my site so that your answers can be included in my big answer round-up, which I will be undertaking in another couple of weeks. The responses, yours most certainly included, have been very good and interesting this time out, and I'd love to have you be part of what's going on on my page. As for the name of the site, when I started this in November of 2004, I intended to split my time between cinema and baseball, therefore the blog would be called Sergio Leone (film) and the Infield Fly Rule (baseball). But as the winter season dawned last November, I began to realize that I was a much better baseball fan than a baseball writer-- my insights were just not that interesting, nor did I feel like I had much more to say or much interest in expressing it. So I have a feeling I'm on the cusp of a name change for my blog. I've got what I think is a good idea for it, but I'm willing to take suggestions and may actually come outand ask for them soon! Your site is great, by the way. I love all the pictures from Portland. I'm a transplanted Oregonian who hopes to return within the coming year!

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