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"There’s no doubt that I would rather be burdened by an inferior wind coefficient due to instisting on clothes that don’t make me feel silly than to ride scores of miles, however more aerodynamic, clad in the same material they use for leotards and tutus."

And for that sir, I thank you.


I think wind coefficient is only an excuse for spandex rather than the reason. I don't think fashion is the reason either -- I think it's more likely gear fetish. I have known bicyclists to spend big bucks for fancy alloy pedals because they are an ounce or two lighter than regular pedals, when they themselves are twenty pounds overweight. Go Figure.


Dude. What's your problem? Spandex is some sexy shit.


You crack me up! I know exactly who you're talking they really need to wear spandex on their way to work? One would think you would sweat more??

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