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I was in a meeting with 8 other women recently and I realized I was the only one who didn't have blonde highlights.


I've noticed the change in Rachel Ray as well. She's definitely glammed up. I figured it was because of one of her other shows, the one where she meets celebrities and has them cook their favorite dishes. I like the old look better.

I think I may be the only woman at work with no highlights. Not that there's anything wrong with highlights, of course. Just something I noticed after Valarie's observation. On dark hair they're hard to pull off and the upkeep is atrocious, IMHO.

Lori Montgomery

I agree about Rachel. I liked her old look better & it made me feel better watching her & learning to cook from her because she seemed like all the rest of us - just a common person & someone I could really relate to. She used to look like the girl-next-door & I think that gave her a kind of sweet innocence. Now she looks all glammed out like a movie star which I don't think has anything to do with her cooking skills. I guess maybe it is because she is traveling a lot with the other shows & meeting celebrities, but now I feel like she is untouchable because she has hit the BIG TIME. I doubt her sweet personality has changed, but I don't know why she had to change her looks just because she is more successful now.
Martha didn't.


You know, this may sound odd, but I like the new version of Rachels' style. I thought she looked kinda'fuddy-duddy in the earlier episodes of 30 minute meals. I have gray hair at 40...and I could care less whether RR puts highlights in her hair! As for her make-up, I stopped wearing makeup
years ago...but hey, maybe it works for her! I'm happy for her and her new style! Maybe she likes the new her...that's her bussiness. And as for her shouting as if there's no mic in the room, well, in t.v. , if htey tell you to shout,then ya' shout. It's a job folks, it doesn't necesarily mean she herself has changed inside. Try and realize that, ok? Bravo to RACHEL RAY!-JF

Irvin Ray Sepulvado

Rachael Ray, Are you going to write a diet cook book? Because my wife is cooking all your recipes and she has gained so much weigh. I noticed you have put on some weight your self. You are way to young and hot to be gaining weight like you are. Could it be you are eatting too much of your own cooking? Don't get me wrong you are a wonderful cook even my Daughter has put on quite of bit of weight. I work out alot and I noticed even my self has gained weigh. Please write a 30 min diet cook book.
I'm one of your number one fans.

Irvin Ray


How is it possible to adore someone for the exact same things that make you cringe after awhile? Used to love her, now I can't stand the sound of her voice, her stupid jokes, the whole EVOO and GB (garbage bowl) thing. I truly believe this is a case of extreme over exposure. The empire that is Rachel Ray rose too fast. I predict a crash. She needs to watch her waist line or the media will eat her alive. Look what they did to Oprah.


Rachel makes me feel that Im deaf and she's motioning sign language. Her make up is so heavy such as Ophra's . Ophra's show is now casted as an infomercial.Now ask Dr. OZ! Rachel ray, Dr.Phil , I pose his name as Dr.Fail. He is NOT unique. When do you think Ophra will close her lips, it seems shes trying to catch flies.


What's wrong with Dr. Phil? Too bad most shrinks over the last 35 years wouldn't tell people what they needed to hear [there are no shoulds here]. We might not have so may clueless adults with no discipline, morals or empathy trying to raise children in our "it's all about me" society.

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