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We must be cut from similar cloth. I read that list yesterday, and also promptly sat down and compiled my Top 10.

1) It's a Wonderful Life
2) Dumb and Dumber
3) The Sixth Sense
4) City of God (I loved this movie)
5) Life is Beautiful
6) Sound of Music
7) Star Wars
8) Groundhog Day
9) My Best Friends Wedding
10) High Fidelity

-Here's the deal. I love comedies and musicals. And it is ridiculous that so few of them make Top 10 lists. Drama's are good. But they're really not that entertaining, at least to me... anyway, lists are just fun to make. I've got a whole batch of top 10 songs and albums, if you ever want to do a music post.


I definitely love The Sixth Sense, City of God, Star Wars, Groundhog Day, and High Fidelity. And the point is well taken about comedies. Not many of them made my top 10, but I very well could have included National Lampoon's Vacation (a guilty pleasure), various Monty Python films, Better Off Dead, etc.


You know what comedy gets better and better, the more I watch it... Rushmore. I think Bill Murray is better in this film than he was in Lost in Translation.

And my problem with critics Top 10 lists is they're usually so pretentious. Maybe its just cause they watch so many films, they're inspired by anything different and unique.

anyway, Time listed "There's Something About Mary" as a guilty pleasure. GUILTY PLEASURE?!? That's a great movie. You shouldn't be ashamed to like it.

A guilty pleasure is PORN. Porn is a guilty pleasure.


I think the term "guilty pleasure" applies when the laughs have a sophomoric origin. And "Something About Mary" definitely qualifies. Catching your penis in a zipper or moussing your hair with semen is not highbrow comedy. But of course it is a very funny movie.


Appreciate the site, Brian. Sight and Sound is pretty much the gold standard, though Time Out magazine had a nice top 100, somewhat slanted to British films, but not egregiously so. There is an insane compendium of top film lists at, if you haven't seen it.

My personal top 10 would be:

1) Star Wars
2) Blue Velvet
3) The Big Lebowski
4) L'Avventura
5) 8 1/2
6) Lawrence of Arabia
7) Vertigo
8) La Dolce Vita
9) Taxi Driver
10) Sunset Boulevard

Honorable Mention to: Sweet Smell of Success, Roman Holiday, Seven Samurai, Wild Strawberries, The Iron Giant, My Neighbor Totoro, Three Colors: Blue, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, The Third Man, Night of the Hunter, The Lady Eve, Wings of Desire, Mirror, Children of Paradise, It's A Gift, Top Secret, and, yes, I'm going to say it: Napoleon Dynamite.


Awesome list! Blue Velvet, The Big Lebowski, La Dolce Vita all could have easily been on my list, as well as the Three Colors trilogy (especially Red), Third Man, Night of the Hunter, and Wings of Desire.


I suppose one could argue that the "best" movies (or should I say "films" -- while wearing my tweed jacket with the elbow patches) have certain qualities of cinematography, plot, dialogue, acting, etc.. I don't know much about that but here are some of my favorites: The Bedsitting Room, Bedazzled (the original), Darkstar, A Clockwork Orange, The Killing, Two Lane Blacktop, Le Samourai, Evil Roy Slade (hilarious TV movie), Star Wars, and (my guilty pleasure) Masked And Anonymous.

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