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I have social OCD if such a thing exists. It's not clinical, just symptoms in their parts when combined, have me googling old friends in the middle of the night. This is when I came upon your blog and my old college roommate, your girlfriend, Val.

This is part social call, I admit, but I will be polite and comment on your entry.

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea that the original architecture of Edinburgh, unchanged and resolute, could be a burden to the fabric of modern Scottish society. I'm not disagreeing with the notion, only trying to see how that observation, out of curiosity, could be reached. I don't think finding the harmony of it is just a matter of adapation, though that has its place as well. On the eve of Tartan Day in North America (a silly notion for a holiday for those in the "motherland") I probably fall back on Scottish culture, which I am still trying to grasp. Right now I'm concentrating on the two things which you will see in your travels through Scotland: Rennie Mackintosh's contributions to Scottish arts and architecture and the accomplishments of Scots worldwide. The Scots invented many a modern marvel, which for better or worse have woven itself into the very basis of today's and tomorrow's popular and scientific culture, this coupled with the way Rennie Mackintosh and his peers, managed to catapult the collective consciousness of the Scots a few generations ahead through their art has me wondering if it's just a matter of them putting the cart before the horse and ending up with a big pile up. Maybe preserving history keeps them humble as a culture.

But what do I know.

Could you please pass on that Alma says hi. She is still living in Brooklyn and has been married for 5 years to a Glaswegian name Dave.

Have fun in Scotland, I always do. And if you're interested in some traditional music, my brother-in-law's girlfriend runs a few seisuns and ceidlihs in town. I can easily pass on your information to them or theirs on to you. They are always up for a good laugh.

Happy and safe travels.

-Alma "do the hustle" Malabanan-McGrath

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