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Great post!

Paul & I were discussing our own shorthand last night. One of my niece's first words was "don't!" She'd point her chubby index finger at you & say it quite earnestly. So for the last ten years or so whenever one of us is bugging the other, we just point at each other in that exact same baby way & then we giggle.

Paul's stepmom used to get very nervous when P & E & Karl would start "discussing" something "passionately" over dinner. She'd look up very meekly and say "It's good salad" as a feeble attempt to change the subject. So we use that one a lot as a covert way to signal to each other that we should change the subject.

There's lots more, but I'll spare you.


"Grandpa, how long have you been in the backseat?"
"Three days"

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