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This is from Adriana's most recent posting (1/12) at

"I sometimes think that that early levity stayed with me despite my compulsion to save, archive, file, and copy. Over the years, I have read many books that I no longer remember, learned languages (e.g., Estonian) that I soon forgot, and lost many pictures and journals that chronicled my travels, friendships and appearance. "Don't forget to write this down to keep things grounded," a friend once wrote in an email. I tried to hold on to specific moments, but I even managed to delete this email. If I remember this sentence, it must have made an impression. But does this mean that Ste. Chapelle made none whatsoever? I have a feeling that I loved this space but I no longer know how long I was there and who walked by me as I stood in the nave and what I was looking at. I can't believe that it was trivial. Or maybe my memories are like katamari, released into the sky once they reach a certain size. I feel like I am living a full life. But where is the proof?"


I am appropriately humbled by Adriana's more eloquent analysis of the same subject.

Brian Panganiban

Funny you should mention this. There is a message on our answering maching from my mother informing me that they have spaghetti and if interested I could partake of said spaghetti. It's the cutest thing ever and I seriously need to get it on another medium before I lose it forever.

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