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It depends on my mood and the situation. If I'm IMing I lean toward no using caps, unless I'm IMing with my nieces. Then I want to model good spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It's not so much like comfortable sweats as it is like a level of comfort with a person. It's like calling someone Wolffie or Bobbie or Jer. It signifies a level of intimacy.

i do very much like the look of no caps.

it's compact and rebellious and has a sort of e.e. cummings air about it.


I don't regard laziness and intelligence as antithetical. I think my intelligence is above average (which, in light of the last election, isn't saying a hell of a lot); yet, I think my wife and my mom would agree that I'm one of the laziest people around. Regarding not capitalizing though, maybe expeditiousness is a better word; after all, it takes maybe another two or three tenths of a second to stick that pinky down there. But I also think it's somewhat of a generational thing, like the tendency of younger people to use acronyms in conversation, as if they're just so busy that they don't have time to utter an extra two or three syllables. It's funny though -- sometimes the acronym is actually more syllables than what it stands for, especially if it contains a "W". I always have to ask my daughters what their acronyms stand for, so they end up having to say the actual words anyway. So yeah, I capitalize, despite the risk of wasting a few extra seconds, which could be used watching television or something.


I switch back and forth between capping and no-caps (does that make me a half-genius?). The appeal of lower casing for me is totally aesthetic. It's hard to describe, but similar in some regards to (how I feel about) people who are iPod fanatics. There are better, cheaper, more capacious, longer lasting products out there, but the iPod has a certain feel that's impossible to replicate. For me, it has nothing to do with laziness - I type really fast when I'm emailing or IMing, and capping is part of my now subconcious process of typing. I actually have to think about it when I don't put any caps in. So what is the feeling it gives me? I guess some vague sense of literateness, or artfulness. It's similar to those fantastic journals you see people making (with photos taped inside and elaborate sketches, etc.), or the journals of movie serial killers.

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