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Well said, B.


Yes, well said! I agree about feeling profoundly betrayed by the non-richies and non-religious fanatics who went with Bush. It stings all the more precisely because these people should know better.


Forget Canada. Let's go to London:


And on top of it all Oregon decided that it's ok to legally descriminate against people by passing 36. I was thinking about going to Japan. They are very energy efficient.


I'm with you, Christa. Let's blow this cowboy country and hightail it for the Land of the Rising Sun!


You, Brian, put into coherent words what I've been ranting for months. I wanted to beat over the head anyone who'd vote for Bush with stupid reasons and misinformed info. Of course, I do have some rich friends who wanted to vote for Bush, and they were justified in to doing so.

Of course in MY rantings, I tried not to use fuck and other such words, since I don't want to sound TOO emotional (being pissed is correct, but I wanted to prove my correctness with facts alone). I ESPECIALLY wanted to find the 11% of blacks that voted for Bush, since being that myself, I can't find any feasable, possible, or even remotely good or acceptable reason why any member of my minority would want to vote for the fucktard-in-a-suit.

Anyway, before this truns into another rant, thanks for putting such wise words on a kickass website. And I proclaimed in July that I'd be going to Japan if Bush is elected. I guess I'll see you people there after he's elected again in 2008 (the GOP WILL find a way).

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