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As awful as the situation is, we need to get past this and be productive. Now is the time to be fighting for social change, no matter what party or idiot is in power. The situation seems hopeless and overwhelming, but something as simple as a few hours of volunteer work or a small donation can go a long way. More specifically, we need to convice young people that it is their responsibility to be involved. Only 17 percent of my age group voted, which is appalling. If people can be convinced that it is their future at stake, then we can expect change.

As for faith, it is bullshit to associate anyone with Bush just because they both claim to be Christians. It's no secret that Bush's faith is based on where votes are coming from, not a deep spiritual search. There should never be any shame in living out true Christian ideals, such as treating all people equally and respectfully and working for peace. As for Buddhism, it is the most peaceful and contemplative religion that I know of, and looking into it may be a good option.


And take public transportation. We need to be taking action against global warming.


Great points, Christa. I think it's helpful to remember not all Christians are crazy Republicans. It's just that the right-wing Christians are much more vocal. I didn't realize that still so few young people voted. I thought the numbers were way up!


I know how you feel, Brian. I couldn't even bear to look at my blog, let alone post. It took me 10 days. In that 10 days, I skipped around the stages of grief - starting at denial, moving on to depression and now I've settled in quite nicely at anger. But it's anger in a good way. I'm channeling it. I'm composing a letter to DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe with my comments and feedback. I'm researching historical data on what the Dems have done for the little guy over the last 100+ years. The next time someone trashes labor unions or whines about us liberals - I'll have some quick responses about overtime pay and FMLA and I'll point out that poverty and mercury poisoning and health care are the real moral isues. I donated to because I want every fricking vote counted - even the g.d. red votes.

51.6% of voters aged 18-29 voted and 54% of that group voted for Kerry. That's more than the 42.3% that voted in 2000. The 17% stat comes from the percentage of total votes the 18-29 age group represents. I always get that mixed up as well.


I also feel the same way. I haven't written a real blog posting since the election. It's even been hard for me to read - nothing seems to hold my interest.


Hey, Jesus was a Buddhist. He was trying to teach enlightenment. He sometimes got frustrated because even his disciples seemed to just not get it. They didn't get it then and they don't get it now, but they will eventually. Or not. Actually, fundamentalist Christians are not followers of Jesus, but followers of Paul, and even his message has been twisted. For example, Paul maintained that something is sinful for you only if you yourself know it to be so in your heart; however, the fundamentalists maintain that it is absolute. And, of course, Jesus made an mockery of the idea of sin being absolute. When the Pharisees called him for healing someone on the Sabbath, he just said, "The Sabbath is made for man, not man for the Sabbath." Certainly there is nothing in the teaching of Jesus that could possibly lead one to believe that attacking and killing thousands of people who were no threat to us is the right thing to do. It certainly doesn't lead to enlightenment.

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