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I have seen our cats do that, too, but I never realized what it was until now! It makes perfect sense. Ritual washing is an ancient practice for humans. Now that you mention it, I'm beginning to think that it might be instinctive!
Some practices are rather elaborate, like the yogic "half bath," while others are almost second- nature. I personally have a habit of washing my hands and face immediately after coming home from anywhere, but especially from places where I have been around other people and their troubles. For example, I won't even hug Brian when I get off of the bus or back from a clinic shift until I have washed. It doesn't matter how clean my hands actually are. It may sound a little "woo-woo," but I feel that the act of washing helps me shake off the energetic residue of the day, and helps keep it out of my home. I have been surprised to find out how many of my friends also do this exact same thing instinctively. It's a natural thing to do. Think of Pontius Pilot "washing his hands" of responsibility. There's definitely something to it.


There is also Lady Macbeth, trying to wash the blood off her hands....


Oops! Tee hee...I spelled "Pilate" wrong. Sorry about that. It's a word I never usually write!


Oops! Tee hee...I spelled "Pilate" wrong. Sorry about that. It's a word I never usually write!


That's fascinating, Margaret! I mean about the ancient tradition behind washing. I'm gonna take it more seriously now as a therapeutic activity, which I was inclined to do anyway but never gave much thought to. It's weird at first to talk about how much you enjoy washing, because you don't want to sound like some obsessive/compulsive. But I don't think either you nor I is scratching our hands going, "Unclean!" Just the opposite, really-a way to mellow out.

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