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I think the Bush administration is probably the best thing that has ever happened to Al Qaeda. I'm sure recruitment has never been higher. Even though it was characterized as a slip when, soon after 9/11, Bush called the "war on terror" a crusade, the members of Al Qaeda know that he in fact spoke the truth. They know that we want their oil and Islam dead. We pretend to tolerate Islam but we know they're wrong because our god is the one true god, and they don't believe Jesus died for their sins. They also know that we are on Israel's side because we believe they are God's favorites -- his chosen ones. So they know we are on a crusade, and that the nastier we are to them, the stronger they will become. They're baiting us and we're too stupid to figure it out, because we're blinded by greed.
There -- whew! I feel better already.


Right on -- testify!

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