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I still have never been to Vegas, even though a very good friend of mine lives there. It's not that I don't want to go and experience the neon and the debauchery; it's just that it's not on the top of my list. I always wondered if Nevada balanced things by using some of that money to fund amazing schools and social programs and arts programs with all the oodles & oodles of cash flowing through that state. That would balance things out in my mind - it might even make it worth it (kinda). But, I googled it and found that Nevada ranks 26th in the nation for teacher pay (about average) and is tied for 5th in the nation for the largest percentage of kids without health insurance (17%). Maybe focusing on those stats aren't fair, but I think they're telling about a state's priorities. Oh, and in case you're wondering, Oregon is not much better as far as kids' health goes; we tied with Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi for 15th at 12%.


Fascinating stuff...good to know I was on the right track with the broad assumptions I made. It's a good point, too: Why can't at least a small percentage of all that gambling revenue be put to some good? Especially since it's less the mob running the new Las Vegas and more big corporations that are supposed to be held accountable by their stockholders. At the very least, the surrounding community of Vegas should make some noise at the voting booth and elect people to fight for the people's right to a healthy rest of the city to balance what happens on The Strip with the overweight lemmings.

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