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Whatever happened to rakes?
I once went to a summer wedding where the stained glass windows of the church were open to the breeze...and just as the couple began their vows, a leaf blower fired up outside. Talk about romance.


Noise pollution, like light pollution, is one of those seemingly trivial things that steadily diminishes your quality of life until you go out camping in the middle of nowhere and remember with astonishment that true darkness and silence exist.

Ben and I currently live on an incredibly congested commercial street, where in addition to overhearing snatches of conversations of those down below and getting our internal organs rumbled by the monster trucks that idle under our window, we are subjected to multiple car alarms going off all day.

Ben has resorted to tossing rotten yogurt and compost out the window onto these offenders, and I too have developed increasingly vigilante attitudes towards these uselessly blaring symbols of private property overruling public space. Then, to our horror, we will occasionally hit the panic button on our key controller by accident and our car will light up and start honking and rattle us and everyone within 10 feet to pieces. We must figure out a way to disable that stupid panic button.


I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by noise pollution. I guess it's the price we pay for living in big cities, but it's tough sometimes. I actually sleep with earplugs year-round. Oh, and Margaret, you're so right about the rake!

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