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The best part of the Goodbye, Dragon Inn screening in Berkeley was when an entirely packed theater sat in our seats, together but alone, staring at an empty theater.

FYI, the two older men in the film, the crying one and the one with the little boy, were the main actors in King Hu's Dragon Inn watching their young selves.


I would love to see the original Dragon Inn! Is it available on video or DVD? I assumed it wouldn't be.


Good question, I haven't the faintest idea. My colleague who went to the Beijing Film Academy is studying Chinese film and seems to have truckloads of pirated dvds, including lots of King Hu's martial arts films from the 1960's, including one, from which I saw a clip, which features Jade Fox from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon kicking ass at age 17. All subtitled in Chinese, of course.

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