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I complained like hell when I first got the East Bay--it was so damned bright and sunny all the time that I was constantly squinting and felt pressure to dump my layery fall-oriented fashion sense for tank tops and visors, an unwanted wardrobe upheaval. I crabbily wished for the mood-lighting of overcast Portland and cursed myself for moving ever further from any chance of snow. "Sinister" is exactly the word for what I viewed as this world where Walt Disney appeared to control the weather. Yet now every time I wake up to yet another day of perfectly sunny skies, I am secretly very very pleased, even smug.


Yeah, I think the Bay Area's climate sounds ideal -- a little cooler than Southern California, but still sunny and warm much of the time. Also, of course in both metro areas there is some climatic variation. Of course SF is cooler than East Bay, and Santa Monica is a lot cooler than The Valley. I guess, Irene, it's a little warmer than where you are, but save for probably July and August I'd be into it too.

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