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great sites, well done


these people may see the line of cars stacked behind them. they may even see & digest the signs instructing slower traffic to keep right. however, they lack one last realisation.

they will tell themselves and everyone in their car: "HEY! I'm going the speed limit, dammit!"

what they dont realise is that they dont get to dictate freeway speeds. the left or #1 lane has always been a passing lane. these people who dont cede this lane to the cars that choose to go faster are the single greatest cause of freeway congestion.

and its not just city commuting corredors either. just take the drive down I5 from SF to LA and you will be appalled at how spacey these drivers become.

universal commuication methods are ignored. that care flashing their lights at you, they're trying to tell you something. fine, speed up, thats a step in the right direction.

but regardless of what lane YOU are in, if there is at anytime a vehicle behind you that appears to be travelling at a higher rate of speed then you, then my god dont make them pass on the right.

oh my, how i vent. s'not like i got an audience here. sheesh.



good side

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