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I agree! Fake eyebrows are a total turn-off!
For some reason, they remind me of the borgs from Star Trek... I have no idea why.


I agree and am just as baffled as you. I have seen women who have completely obliterated their real eyebrows and then painted new ones on in new locations. It's like they're correcting a mistake. And what I wonder is am I supposed to believe that these are their real eyebrows or is it understood that everyone knows they're fake. It's like that with makeup too: Officially, we're supposed to buy it that their faces really look like that but everyone knows it's makeup. But to suddenly decide, "I have no eyebrows" -- I don't get it either. But then is it any weirder, really, than cutting all the hair off your head, or even shaving. It's all subjective and arbitrary.


I think this trend dates back to mid-40s Hollywood, what with your Joan Crawford and whatnot. Personally, I won't be happy until we eliminate all forms of body hair and blemishes. Please see my "mannequin fetish site", up soon.


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I have no eyebrows. But it's not bcause of fashion. I have a disorder called trichotillomania. Perhaps some of the women you see have it too?


I have no eyebrows also. When i was 17 i wanted to dye my hair but my mother wouldn't let me, so instead i began to pluck my eyebrows, after fcking up and corecting mistakes i was left with barely a line. I sobbed and cried and waited for them to come back in normally, and i still am 8 years later. My dermotologist said i "traumatized" my follices and probably will never be able to grow proper eyebrows in again. I hate that i have to fcking draw them on! I hate it when i get all kinds of eyebrow comments, one a**hole asked if i was making a statement with my eyebrows in a coffehouse, i just stood there dumbstruck. I hate that some people think it's trashy and sh*t, if i could turn back time and never pick up those tweezers i would.

Why would anyone do it??

Maybe they HAVE TO and they feel lame for having to and are sick of stupid fckers like you who just keep pointing out the obvious but think they're the cleverest wankers ever.

You know what's funnier than fake eyebrows? Fat balding white dudes eating pizza. So sexy!


I have the same problem as the lady above, it's been some 5 years since I've had eyebrows. I don't ever remember over-pucking, just all of a sudden they were gone. I'd give anything to have them back and hate the fact I have to waste time each morning drawing them on and then being paranoid of ignorant fcks like you poking fun!!


I too have no eyebrows. I think I get the worst of all the blows though because I had no eyebrows since the summer between 6tht and 7th grade. I am still in high school and in tenth grade. I also have a disorder called trichotillomania. I don't draw mine on because my light hair makes it seem unnoticeable but people still see it and I get comments on it all the time. It's really not like we choose not to have eyebrows it just happens. To some extent, we really don't know we do it. It's like a bad habit, like biting fingernails. People still notice that I have none and it sucks because I really can't help it and even though it was awhile ago, Ican't get them to grow back and it makes me feel awful. No offense but people like the person who started this just make us feel even worse. We made a past mistake that can't be corrected and you hold it against us. Most people who have no eyebrows would like to have them again. Everyone makes mistakes why can't you just accept that and start judging people for their personality, not their looks.


To Michelle,
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the same thing happened to me. I never remember plucking them. I thought it was so weird they were gone. I never changed the way I shaped them, they just kind of disappeared. I found out years later that it was caused by a condition called hypothyroidism. Loss of the outer 2/3 of the eyebrow is a symptom, as well as unexplained weight gain, and a variety of female hormonal interruptions. You may want to look into this. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get the eyebrows back and I haven't been able to so far. Cleaning and then conditioning the area with extra virgin olive oil will help slowly heal damaged follicles and start very slow growth. DRAWING ON EYEBROWS SUCKS THE BIG ONE DOESN'T IT GIRLS.

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