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I don't see why you think it's right to stick up for something that's phony, probably unhealthy, more expensive, and inferior to the real thing just because your too lazy to spend 60 seconds whipping some cream in a bowl.


Fair enough. But what I was getting it was simply my surprise that to me Cool Whip tasted good. Because it is, like you say, phony and inferior, I naturally expected it to taste bad. But I liked it. I think that's the way it is with some artificial food. Obviously it's the exception to the rule, but htat's precicely what interests me about it. Guilty pleasure, you know?


I get your point. I guess you could say it's double-plus good.


Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures. But you know what I had the other night? Organic, natural whipped cream in an aerosol can. Very bizarre. Who knows, maybe next they'll have All Natural Cool Whip. You can have all natural nasty food, too.


That is the oddest thing. What's next - organic, natural cheddar cheese in Cheetos? Would Cheetos still be flourescent then?


is cool whip bad for you. would it like gain u weight? is it fattening? becuasei looked on the can and it said only i gram of fat but its too god and i dont believe it. is there something else in it that could make u gain weight?

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