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The Glory

I had similar misgivings about Dylan for a long time. But "Visions of Johanna" turned the tide for me. It's the king of kings.


I wasn't really aware of Dylan until 1966 when "Like A Rolling Stone" came on the radio, and there was an immdediate connection -- a realization of something very "real", after hearing so much phoniness (I still regard "Highway 61 Revisited" as his best). I felt the same way when, a short time later, I heard "I Want You". My favorite song on "Blonde on Blonde" is "Visions of Johanna
I'm glad you recognize his influence on Elvis Costello. Listen to "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and then listen to "Pump It Up". Both have that monotonal delivery of the verses, holding you in suspense,and then dropping down a 5th for the chorus, letting you exhale.
Then there are the people who say, "He writes good songs but he's a terrible singer". Right. And Van Gogh's pictures were fuzzy and kind of distorted. Norman Rockwell was a much better painter.

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