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As a USC student, obviously I agree that the Trojans are national champs. Their wins throughout the season were decisive, and their Rose Bowl win showcased the domination they're capable of. People forget that while they did lose to Cal, it was in triple-overtime. They're returning almost 90% of the team, so let's hope next year will settle all the scores. Fight on.


And on top of returning all those starters, USC is getting the top recruiting class in the nation this winter. How are they going to find playing time for all these guys? There traditionally has been lots of parity in the Pac-10 for a long time, with no team repeating as champs very often. But suddenly USC has become this giant powerhouse, the likes of which hasn't been seen on the West Coast for a long time. Suddenly it's as if the balance of power has shifted from Florida to Southern California. Good timing in going to school there, Sara!

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