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The trend of pants-under-skirts is much more popular in Europe. Everyone I know who wears both at the same time visited Europe and liked it. Also, since not many people do it, I've noticed that the people I know who wear skirts over pants are the ones who always wear strange or unusual clothing. Just trying to be different, I guess.


It occurs to me that this is very similar to a trend from several years ago of people wearing athletic shorts over the top of their sweat pants, which I found equally puzzling, but better than what could be considered its opposite: the sometimes distressing sight of women wearing nothing on their bottoms but a pair of tights. I also occasionally see people wearing a short sleeved shirt over the top of a long sleeved shirt, and just the other day someone wearing a cowboy hat over the top of a stocking cap.


i think its stupid it was in fasion bout 2 years ago and everyone i know would not be caught dead like that its just really a pathetic way to draw attention to the person wearing them


To Hannah ---

Then apparently "everyone [you] know," has been avoiding fashion magazines and shows…or they’re just afraid to try the styles. The look was featured on the Paris runways within the last year.



I'm a HUGE lover of skirts over pants. I have to admit though, that I saw it in Japanese fashion and thought it was such a cute & feminine look. I've started wearing it VERY often. I get mixed reviews, a lot of people like it, others think I'm crazy. But neither of them get that I don't care what they think because I LOVE the look. I'm really surprised when I see it in American magazines & on TV now.


reason : combined clothing issues cancel each other out.

after being confronted with a way-too-huge pile of washing & levelling out at the impulse section stack of my wardrobe, I discovered a buckled mini only just covering the necessary bits that I vaguely remember wearing once last year with opaque stockings which all seem to (even the black ones) come with this white cotton 'gusset' - it sounds fabulous, but not all that attractive from a peripheral vision angle.

the available pants on the other hand have a waist that's too big and needs to be folded over. together though - it's all taken care of!

came googling to see where this look came from & if it's still on - always thought it looked cute. I can only find it extensively linked to years ago and / or teenage girl sites.

I've noticed when it comes to slightly obscure fashions such as this - many guys just step back and won't just leave it alone; it becomes a real issue in accepting / talking to that person.

a sunday girlfriend afternoon look then? a look to wear for boyfriends you no longer dig?

I do wish I lived in tokyo though.

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