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Well-said indeed. The members of the media who exploited and over-exposed such a ridiculous issue should be much more humiliated than Howard Dean himself.


Amen. Heaven forbid that we should have a human being for a president. We sure don't now.


Howard Dean looked like an idiot. I cant believe he still had all of the support that he did after that insane speech. As for President Bush not being human, that is such a retarded comment I don't even know how to respond. What are you saying? That because the President is mature enough to act like an adult on the campain trail, he is not human? So immaturity = humanity? That makes sense... right...


Tom, you are reading into my comments way too much. I never said George Bush was inhuman. In fact, I never made any partisan comments at all in this posting. Instead, I was referring to the trend that transcends parties of candidates often seeming wooden and not very natural onstage. As someone who writes for a living, I just find most politicians lack of natural charisma frustrating, save for the rare talent like Clinton or Reagan.

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