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Here's the deal. You see, when we boomers were young, we drove some gutless beater and pretended to transcend the guys driving the muscle cars, but deep down inside we secretly lusted for a Plymouth Barracuda with a 426 Hemi. We couldn't admit this to anyone, of course, because we were trying to project the image being intellectual, peace loving, sensitive guys who were way beyond the jocks driving those fast cars. And of course we have been harboring frustration and resentment ever since. Now we have an excuse: Our families will be safer in a big muscular SUV with a Hemi, which we tell our wives is a more "efficient" engine. Yeah! It's the right thing to do for our families. Yeah!


I would respect a Baby Boomer secretly lusting for a Hemi so much more if he/she just went out and got that old Plymouth Barracuda or the Pontiac GTO than getting a stupid SUV. But the logic behind it that you explained is interesting, though.

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