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I would have to say the guilty pleasures of my genteration -- shows like Full House and Saved by the Bell -- are much more embarrassing. At some point, everyone watches a show they'd be less than willing to admit to, I'm sure.


My son is Colombo fun
Any idea, how to get the recordings of this show?


where can I find a list of how meny times some actors have been on the show?


Last I checked Colombo episodes were not
available on video, or at least not DVD. I
keep hoping they release them at some point.
As for actors who have been on the show, I'd
just do a Google search under something like
"Colombo guest star" and you should get
something. Not sure who either Ivan or Dave
are, but thanks for checking in!


You misspelled the name of the TV show, it's (Lt.) Columbo. The (mis)spelling was intentional. Some of the early TV Guides "corrected" the spelling, but were told to spell it with a "u". I wish I kept one of those early TV Guides...

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