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Great idea. Let’s rename Upshur Street in NW too. His connection to Portland is tenuous is best and he fought to admit Texas as a slave state in the 1840s.


Arun Jain

Sometimes its worth keeping ALL of a place's history - good and bad if only as a way to remember that over the life of a city, all sorts of such influences happen. Memories of bad events serve to be in-your-face reminders of what can go wrong to those who have no clue.

The bullet holes in the Luftwaffe's HQ in Berlin remain as does the building, as a stark reminder of what not to let happen again. German society long decided that to wipe out was to also forget. And that forgetting wrongs is allowing, or leaving room for them to repeat.

Oregon was a right wing racist state until cities across the country became liberal bastions - allowing Portland to start balancing beliefs out. If it was ever to go back to its roots again (it was if anyone remembers - for the longest time a split state between Republicans and Liberals), what then? Who would rename what and to what end? Today's 85% white anglo population ratio remains a legacy of its heavily biased past.

So keep the damn street name, but put up a plaque of the man's ignominious history, so all can remember. Or, veer in the sad direction of liberal elitism, which to my mind is just as bad as right wing conservatism.


He sounds very “Portland” an outsider getting rich on real estate

Elliot McIntire

The township and range survey, of which the Baseline is the starting point, forms the basis for all land holdings in Oregon and Washington except for the Donation Land Claims, and as such is fundamental to the legitimacy of land holdings. As such it's historical importance should not be lost. I'm for changing Stark to Baseline.


The original Portland in Europe was built by slave labor. We need to change the cities name, unless you support slave labor. Which I assume you do since you use American currency and you do drive a car. You're living on stolen land=.. I guess a genocide is easier to forget then the slave trade. I don't support the constitution either, no why? Or the English language, all used to suppress slaves. Lets not stop here. Where are your clothes and phone made, oh nevermind...

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