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We were very sad to hear of his passing. We have the immense pleasure of living in one of Saul's treasures on the Oregon coast -- The LongHouse Condominiums. Seven units on the ocean in Salishan. Saul told us when we ran into him that these were the first condos in Oregon. His ability to marry the environment with the architecture makes it a very special place. And he will not be forgotten in our household!

Jim Felt

I first met Saul in the early ‘70’s when he came to look at a possible addition. He told me the house was already overbuilt for the area and proceeded to spend the next two hours talking with my girlfriend about her medical career.

A few years later I walked across the entrance bridge of a home I saw in the old MLS book and I said to the listing agent rather flippantly “this looks like a Saul Zaik house”. He said it was. I bought it within a month and literally from that day lived in that architecturally amazing home for 30 years to the exact day.

Saul visited it (and me) during a kitchen, office, dining update in maybe 2006-ish and generally approved.

And we should all be so fortunate that the most recent buyers of the home have already embarked on many an amazing and artful updates to his original 1963 designs. (And they like me now have his original/mostly as built blueprints).

Very artful and interesting fellow.


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