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The idea reminds me of Mill City Museum in my hometown of Minneapolis. A beautiful icon turned into a historic destination amid the ruins. Although it is also located right next to the water, there wasn't a ton of stuff around there, but over time things changed and arts organizations popped up including the acclaimed Guthrie Theatre. Designed by Pritzker Prize winning architect Jean Nouvel, the Guthrie along with the Mill City Museum, firmly rooted this Twin City neighborhood on the map. The Museum's programming is amazing, especially with a riverside park perfect for concerts and art fairs. I definitely see this as a case study for what Centennial Mills and its adjacent area could become and agree that it's certainly worth saving.

Peggy Moretti

You make great points, Brian. I have no faith that the fourth go-round by Prosper Portland will fare any better than the previous fiascoes. Having been involved in the process through my position with Restore Oregon, I believe one root of the problem is that PP wants way too much money for the property. They screwed this up big-time, and now need to let it go at a price that will make the numbers pencil out for a developer with the right plan that embraces its history... even if that price is $1.

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