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Peter Englander

I really do love this building for all the reasons meantioned. However it is extraordinarily inward-facing in that there is no connection to the street level, particularly along 4th, different from the Harrison Towers with the public walkways and Halprin Sequence. The juxtaposition to Keller Fountain makes the two blocks a strong representation of the era in addition to proximity to both Pacwest and Wells Fargo towers, makes this part of our downtown distinct.

Brian Libby

Peter, there's no connection to the street level along Fourth, but presumably because they're leveling off a steep slope. It does bring up an interesting question though: whether they could have built retail into the Fourth Avenue side. Perhaps they could have. Still, I don't think it's an inwardly-facing building. Its entrance sits right on Fifth and it's a very glassy, transparent building.

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