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Yohan Oresund

So, let me get this straight.

You are willing to adversely affect hundreds of laborers - many of whom are people of color living paycheck to paycheck and have nothing but contempt for Trump - because a sovereign individual (their former CEO) took a position as ambassador?

Talk about punching down, dude. But I guess you think your moral compass is shiny and clean?

Virtue signalers like yourself are one reason I no longer consider myself a 'liberal'.

Brian Libby

Yes, I am willing to do so. I don't want laborers to be affected by my boycott, but if that were the case, laborers at hotels whose owners don't support Trump will benefit.

I don't think my moral compass is necessarily any more shiny or clean than anyone else's. It's possible I'm wrong about this. I fully admit it.

I am greatly troubled by America's descent into authoritarianism, and this is a stand I have chosen to take. I come from a family of Republicans, whom I love and respect, and so I don't do this lightly and I wouldn't take a stand against just any Republican president.

I'm glad you took the time to read this post, and if I lose a reader because of the stand I've taken, that's unfortunate. But my stand remains.

Brian Libby

I will say this, however: I went back and read what I wrote, and wound up toning down the rhetoric a little bit. I took out the word "boycott" and changed to say it just made me unsure whether I'd want to give this company, which I always heretofore had been a fan of, my business. I also said I wasn't sure what the answer is, which is true. I just want to avoid anything that has to even nominally due with the monster on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Paul Koberstein

IIRC, this is not the first time Brian has expressed his opinion of Trump in his architectural reviews. I don't think Trump's critics are necessarily "liberal." I know for a fact that many conservatives are also offended by the lies and the embrace of fascism. I applaud Brian for finding room for a moral compass in his reviews, and hope he will continue to do so.

Brian Libby

Thank you VERY much, Paul!

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