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Fred Leeson

Here's an interesting piece of Jacobberger history I learned a few years back. Joseph did the original St. Mary Magdalene Church in Irvington. When it was outgrown, Francis designed the brick church that stands there today. At the rear, in Tudor style, is a portion of the original structure designed by dad. If I am wrong about all this, perhaps someone can correct me. Regardless of all that, the building Brian describes is both elegant and calming to my eyes. Nicely done.

Brian Libby

Thanks Fred — fascinating stuff!


Can you help me understand why you consider it a bad thing to have nice architecture in the suburbs? Having Portland-like amenities in the ‘burbs makes the region more livable and alleviates traffic congestion since more people don’t have to travel as far to live, work, and play. I understand that it would be nice to have a similar chapel closer to downtown but I think your comment unintentionally comes across as elitist.

I live and work in Tualatin and it has been wonderful to see nice things pop up here over the past decade (Ancestry, river trails, etc.) instead of Applebee’s.

That being said I love this blog, keep up the great work Brian!

Brian Libby

Greg, I most definitely do not consider it a bad thing to have nice architecture in the suburbs. I don't recall stating that at all. I do apologize for flippantly saying I wish this building was in Portland instead of Happy Valley. The reason for saying that was that I happen to live in Portland, not Happy Valley, and I wouldn't mind coming across the building more often. I also referred to the "gargantuan eyesore" of Clackamas Town Center, and certainly that's my biased opinion. Maybe that mall is a lovely place and I simply don't appreciate it, or the rest of Clackamas and Happy Valley enough. I'd hate to think that the 2,000 words I wrote praising this design would be undermined by this little passage at the end. I'm glad that Tualatin has had nice things pop up there, and I'm not surprised. I've seen it happen in my hometown of McMinnville too. I still find suburbs difficult because there's not much walkability, but little by little that may be changing and I hope that's the case.


No apologies needed as I know that was not your intent.

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