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I struggle with this debate. I am very pro-housing and pro-density and am endlessly frustrated by the people who hypocritically oppose both in the name of livability. But I agree that those views (minus the weather beacon, which I have no idea what it even is or looks like) are pretty iconic. Even from the Vista Bridge, which I live nowhere near but have walked along specifically to take in the view. Salmon Springs fountain is a popular public gathering place.

I question the real negative impact of preserving those view corridors or the value added by building taller there. What kind of dent will that put in our housing supply? What will be the impact on housing costs by not building as tall there? Is it a drop in the bucket, and if so, is that worth preserving those views? Or is there a tradeoff to be made, say by transferring FAR to adjoining properties that wouldn't impact the views? Or simply conceding? This might be a place where we need to pick our battles, and maybe admit that these views are integral to our identity as a city. I don't know.

Brian Libby

Thanks Scott. I think your admitted wrestling with this speaks to the ambiguity of the debate. Maybe you're right that it wouldn't be so high a price to pay in terms of density lost by creating view corridors. I think I'm a little more skeptical of the idea simply becuase I think overall building heights in the downtown are too low. I wish we would allow ourselves to build buildings again that are as tall as the Wells Fargo Center and Big Pink. If we could go taller overall, or with some other buildings, I could acquiesce to view corridors.

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