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I still like the MC better than the RQ. The RQ just seems amorphous depending on your viewing angle.

The MC has a nice jewel box look, but you're going to need the right app (like a concert hall - Except an empty box is not great for sound - or something) before you spend any more money.

Brian Libby

Thanks for your comment, Steve. It's good to hear that you like the MC better than the Moda Center (assuming you meant that arena when you wrote RQ).

It's true that the Coliseum doesn't have as good acoustics as a concert hall, but as it happens, the City of Portland's commissioned third-party study from 2015 shows that if the Coliseum's loading dock and rigging capabilities are bolstered, it would do a robust concert business because of its relatively uncommon 5,000-8,000 seating capacity range. Securing concert business is based in part on acoustics, certainly, but more so on seating capacity and the infrastructure to set up concerts efficiently.

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