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An excellent article. As and older dad, with the privilege of having a daughter attend this wonderful newly modernized high school for her final year in the PPS system, I can do nothing but agree whole heartily with this authors take on the reason our society needs to continue to invest in it's future.

Jennifer Owens

Well-said. As a teacher and parent in PPS, I am grateful for the support of our community in renovating our public schools, which have long been a cornerstone of our community. Indeed, public school for many can be the only time in one's life where we are surrounded with great diversity of experience and opinion AND actively engaged as listeners and critical thinkers.

Regarding community use potential, there is an existing procedure for renting space to other organizations outside of school hours. For a nominal cost, groups can use these spaces for community events. The cost covers custodial fees. See the Portland Public Schools Civic Use of Buildings process for more information.

Joe Rowe

The cafeteria is a new building. The school houses nearly 1800 students. The cafeteria boys bathroom has one toilet and one urinal. No other bathrooms are near the cafe. Many other areas have long walks to bathrooms. There is also no custodian closet in the cafeteria. Would people please respond to how these design concerns were voiced by teachers and ignored. We raised early concerns about bathrooms. We are grateful in so many ways. We hope that the design community can better involve the children and adults who work in the classrooms. The next 12 months will be a true test of the design and durability.

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