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You're a douchebag. We do not need to educate anyone. We in the design and development community are full of Trump voters. Who do you think physically builds all these amazing pieces of architecture?.......Most are Trump voters, union card holding, solid hard working people. Granted your blog celebrates white collar elitist architects. whom without said Trump voters to build there shit, there would be no PDX architecture.

Brian  Libby

Thanks for your comment, Owen. I don't wish to continue the argument any further. It's too bad this is coming between us on an architecture blog, but that's the choice I've made as a blogger. I'm sure you're right that there are a lot of Trump voters in the building trades, and I don't like the idea of having a lot of friction with hard-working men and women that make architects' designs a reality. At the same time, this is an historically difficult and tumultuous time for the country and I have felt compelled to speak out. I very well may be wrong about a lot of the things I write opinions about, but my conscience and the memory of my German ancestors makes me want to be mindful of the importance of speaking out sincerely when I see fit.

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