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Udai Hoshi

Hi Brian, a great article as always. I have been reading your blog for a while. It is interesting to see the mix of the two world in south water front. Thanks, keep telling us a good story.

Brian Libby

Thank you very much!

Matthew Ginn

The final launch will be a bittersweet moment, for sure. But, as you say, it was inevitable. I had the opportunity to photograph one of their launches in 2010: http://matthewginn.com/lettershome/?p=917. It was well attended, but the next one will be a big affair.

Brian Libby

Nice photos, Matthew!

Melissa W.

Thanks for the update Brian. I hope they do keep the gantry crane, what a grand entrance that would make to a building! Please keep urging the powers-that-be to keep some of the Old Portland with the new. Our past is being obliterated by multi-use buildings and developers with no desire to remember what made Portland great in the first place.

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