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Jeff Belluschi

Well written and researched recognition for VAFBC, Brian. I feel the pride that the congregation must be rejoicing. Correct, the additions are not of architectural merit but they are concrete symbols of growth and tell a story of need through multiple generations. Churches struggle for funding on construction needs. This structure speaks to getting done what was needed for the congregation's needs. A visual story. Beautiful!

The neighborhood is on such a fast pace of demolition and construction means this recognition on the Register of Historic Places will only grow stronger in the coming decades. Vancouver Avenue First Baptist Church may, one day, become a "must-see" when people visit Portland.


Excellent piece of writing! Thanks for the visual tour and the history, we are all better for it.

And thanks for connecting the evils of the sixties, and the dark forces unearthed by the truly mentally ill likely-criminal tRump. Please get out and help defeat this horror, and Vote!

Brian Libby

Thanks Jeff and Bill for your very nice comments. It really was a pleasure visiting VAFBC and meeting historian Raymond Burell. And besides, those of us who believe in social justice and progressivism need to stick together in these potentially very dark times ahead.

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