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To be clear, 2Yoke Design is the primary design firmed hired that handled about ninety percent of the interior design for Cowhorn.

Brian Libby

Chad, thank you for your comments. It is my understanding that Green Hammer was the architect for this project and that 2Yoke Design was the interior designer. (I wouldn't want to wade into assigning percentages of work contributed in any aspect, whether it's 90 percent or 50 or 100.) Speaking of being clear, I want to say that it was never my intent as editor or that of Jennifer (the writer) to leave out 2Yoke. Instead, this is a Q&A with Erica Dunn about her life and career as an architect. She only mentioned Cowhorn in passing as a project she's proud to be involved with. In a Q&A, the intent is not to provide a roll call of all the firms involved or to engage in comprehensive reporting about all the parties involved in the project. As such, we did not list the general contractor or any of the subcontractors either. I just want to make clear that while we welcome your volunteering a comment about 2Yoke being the interior designer and forwarding the firm's website in your comment, there was never any improper omission of the firm going on here. But again, thanks for commenting!

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