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Kate Powell

I'm not satisfied with this answer to Brian's second question -- part of the point is that old homes are being torn down when there are other places where infill can be built. You answer is to tear them down for the following: "I’ve proposed a “fast-track” process to move infill like smaller homes, duplexes, triplexes, and garden apartments to the front of the line in permitting and to waive fees associated with that development. Doing so changes the market for builders and will get more housing that is available to working families into the market." This is only going to encourage developers to build ugly high-rises -- and UGLY high-rises that have no contextual-ism are changing NW Portland into an unwelcoming high-rise town for the wealthy. Further, I am radically against changing the NW Industrial Sanctuary into another Pearl. We now have our little "NYC" and do not need another. It will begin to encroach on NW Portland even further, and sooner than you think this portion will become Pearl on the Hill. Lastly, get a grip on parking. I'm not wild about paying for parking (who is) but the incredibly stupid parking gods ahve changed the parking limits all over our NW area, and frankly, have hurt businesses with extremely shortened parking times. We used to go to two coffee shops and one bakery near the Post Office, but now can't find parking because most of it is shortened to 15 to 60 minutes. You are lucky if you find 60 minutes, and frankly, that is not enough for the long waits and then getting up mid-lunch or breakfast to move the car. STOP IT. Portland is not a European town without cars and great transportation. Wow I had no idea I had that rant in me....


Brian, great interview. It really reveals how thoughtful Jules is!

And great question on the Design Commission. This is an expensive time-consumer that is broken. It needs full reform from a strong leader. They run some Designers thru the ringer, and yet they approve the black monstrosity that is welded to the east end of the burnside bridge for the rest of our lives. Everyone I talk to, and I mean everyone, hates it with passion. Design Review failed us badly there.

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