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Jeff Geisler

Now that the Lloyd area is rapidly expanding, could there exist a new partnership between those developers, Nike and the City for implementation of this fantastic remodel??

Evan Stravers

I'm pretty sure the flying saucer from Independence Day is about to pop out of those doomsday clouds above the Coliseum in that top rendering.

Heidi Yorkshire

Brian, I'd rather support remodeling Memorial Coliseum than dumping hundreds of millions into the hideous Portland Building, which should be sold and gutted.


Is a hydraulic floor more cost effective than just building a temporary platform? And whether hydraulic or no, hopefully the space below the platform can be used for warmup track/media/mixed zone areas.

Jeff Belluschi

Let's hope this discussion and future has turned a key corner and "Just do it"!


This sounds really promising, Brian. What's the status of this idea? Is there a formal proposal to the city? What's the next step toward making this visit a reality?

Brian Libby

Brett, I'm glad you like the design. Unfortunately, though, as far as I know the status is that this design is dead. Nike had Skylab produce this design as an exploration of what a fully restored Coliseum with an indoor track would look like, but ultimately the company walked away from a deal with the City of Portland. It's possible that the city could still make this renovation happen without Nike, but this design would cost about $120 million, and the city has about $22 million in urban renewal funds for this. Back in 2012, the city almost went through with a $32 million renovation through a partnership with the Portland Winterhawks, who were contributing $10 million. If we're going to do something like this design, we'll need additional private partners like Nike and/or perhaps Paul Allen's development company, Vulcan. But Charlie Hales, despite having meetings with Nike, has not reached out to Vulcan and has not been able to get a deal done, even a more modest restoration. The votes are there for a small restoration, but Hales has very sadly resisted doing even that.

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