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I really enjoyed reading this interview. David Keltner was a great presence on the Design Commission. He always had a really strong understanding of what the project was trying to achieve, and offered incredibly astute comments that led to real improvements in the instances when the design team listened to them.

Also, the Union Bank of California is clearly a popular building with architects - Bruce Brown of GBD gave a similar answer three years ago (http://chatterbox.typepad.com/portlandarchitecture/2013/07/the-architects-questionnaire-bruce-brown.html). It's one of my favorites too.

Jeff Belluschi

David alludes to the comradery that has existed among the design professionals in Portland for the last century. A. E. Doyle and others appreciated the uniqueness of this place we call"home" and took their imprint seriously with a conscientious desire to add and improve. The white elephant Portland building is symbolic of an "outsider" not a part of this ethos.

Nice to see Rick Potestio recognized for his sympathetic contributions. A well done profile of David. We all should look forward to his future works.


Interesting David chooses to bash "cheap" development in SE Portland when his firm is responsible for two of the bigger builds on SE Division.

Brian Libby

Michael, there is a big difference between cheap and big. The projects that Hacker Architects and Works Partnership have done on Division are excellent, unlike most of the rest that has been built there.

David Dysert

The thoughtfulness of this interview is emblematic of David's practice. Both in observing his contributions on the Design Commission and his presentations to the PDNA Planning Committee, I found him to be earnest and generous with his purpose, talent and time. I must also agree with his estimation of Rick Potestio. We are lacking a coherent direction for Urban Design in this city. I too hope his contributions may be amplified.

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